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An Introduction to the Philosophy of Animate NatureGrundkurs Philosophie III - Erkenntnistheorie

The Analysis of Objects or the Four Principal Categories
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/ Volume 41

Augustine J. Osgniach
The Analysis of Objects or the Four Principal Categories
An Historical-Critical Analysis in the Light of Scholastic Philosophy

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The scope of this work is an attempt to bring to light the genuine doctrine on the fundamental categories as taught by the great masters of the golden era of Scholasticism, especially by Aquinas, while at the same time historically and critically estimating its high philosophical excellence.
“In giving such a detailed study of these important categories Dr. Osgniach has done his part in the important philosophical crusade to recover the Holy Land of Metaphysics. Modern philosophers, if they will but pursue it, will learn that Scholasticism grows, not by substitution of one theory for another, but by a deepening and fuller comprehension of fundamental principles.” Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.

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Augustine J. Osgniach was professor of philosophy at St. John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota USA.

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